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happy birthday africa and sing funny happy birthday video

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If you are looking for funny happy birthday video or someone to wish you or your loved ones happy birthday in a special and funny way, I am the perfect guy for you.

  • I will say anything you want and delivery your birthday message or script in a funny way…
  • i will write on the Whiteboard and say your name or your loved ones names and wish happy birthday.
  • I will print your birthday photo and hold it in my hand and I can also do photo slideshow video editing… Just send me the birthday picture you want me to use. 🙂
  • You can also send me any of your song or song link so that I can dance to it, and sing funny happy birthday africa song in the birthday video.
  • Because I have some funny african dance styles and you don’t want to miss the fun. !
  • I can record in natural background in my environment or use green screen male spokesperson video to wish happy birthday… Just tell me how you want it.

You will get 100% satisfaction with my happy birthday video with fast delivery.